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Link Banners

Here are some banners, in case you ever get the weird notion that you would ever possibly want to have a GIF to link to my webpage (at Maybe there'll be more, if I can think of any...I may even take requests, if you have a character or saying that you'd like.
Let me know!

Open the pic by clicking the size you want. Then do what you need to in order to save as your Right-click the pic, then select "Set as Background".
More to come if I'm feeling creative enough...or if I get requests.

KeenCaptors: The Symbiote

Fan Art
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Stuff I've done for other comics:

Six by Nine College

MindMistress alternate page

Burgundy Comics, Inc. (may be NSFW)

Elf Only Inn

Children @ Play

Count Your Sheep

Reasoned Cognition


heffaloop of Smoot

Pirate Queen Marianne

Pimpette & Associates

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Crooked Halo


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Stuff others have sent me:

- from Nate Frisoli

- from Srdjan Achimovich

- from Jed

- from Bob Oosterwijk

- from 10er Bradley

- from Spencer Rutherford

- from Mary Mevis

- from Eunice P

- from Nightgaunt

- from ymmot

- from Nicotine

- from David Davis

- from J. Harper

- from Ryan Callahan

- from Vorticus (also) (and)

- from Michael McClusky

- from Christina Prince

Special Events/Crossovers/Collaborations:

Webcomic Secret
Santa 2003

- from David Welch

- to Eggbert

Webcomic Secret
Santa 2004

- from Doug McLaughlin

- to Simon Shepherd

Webcomic Secret
Santa 2005

- from Tariq De Vore

- to Hoshiko Usagi

Webcomic Secret
Santa 2006

- from Matt Loffhagen

- to Brian Duffy
Comic Genesis
Secret Santa 2005

- from Chris Beilfuss

- to Chris Tout
Comic Genesis
Secret Santa 2006

- from Daniel VanderWerff

- to Nathan Birch
Comic Genesis
Secret Santa 2007

- from Michael McClusky

- to Nanda
Comic Genesis
Secret Santa 2008

- from Vincent Davis

- to Robert Cook
Secret Santa 2006

- from Josh Sortelli

- to Aimee Chow
Secret Santa 2007

- from [PENDING]

- to Kevin Williams
[i]nsignificant Comics
Secret Santa 2008

- from Kevin Johnson

- to Doug Fesko
Secret Santa 2008

- from Kim Bøgh Jensen

- to Michelle Zastrow
Keenmas Tree 2005 My ornament
KeenCaptors The Symbiote
Online Comics Day 2004 My Entry
Online Comics Day 2005 My Entry

Historical Romance
Comic Crossover

- from phactorri
Summer of Keenspace
KeenSpooks 2004
Halloween 2005
- from Robert Cook
Halloween 2006
- from Laurel K
KeenLace 2006 My entry (might be NSFW)

Got some fanart you'd like to share? Send your stuff to, and not only will it get shown here, but also as a page of the main comic, plus I'll lavish you with all sorts of praise! Please, no Mandy fanart. An odd request, I know, but humor me please.

More to come, if I ever feel like it. Or upon request, if you ask really nicely.

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