Alternate Delusions

About the Comic

It all started while I was bored at work one day. I was clicking some links at Yahoo!, and eventually came across Residence Life Comics. Following the links from there, I found myself regularly reading comics such as PVP Online, Sluggy Freelance, and several comics at Keenspot.

While browsing some of the comics of Keenspace (renamed Comic Genesis in 2005), I saw that the art of many comics is rather simplistic (that doesn't necessarily make them bad). I always had a knack for drawing a kid I would copy the comics out of the newspaper. So I figured, if they can do it, why can't I?

So, what do I use for subject matter? As much as I'd like to be a full-fledged computer geek, I don't know enough about Linux or the industry to make it worthwhile. And I'm certainly not up to date enough to do a gaming strip. Eventually I decided to share with the world some of the fantasies I would imagine myself in since I was younger. Thus Alternate Delusions was born.

The name Alternate Delusions is a play on "alternate dimensions", though it fits nicely with the different schemes that will take place. My ideas may not be terribly original, but dammit, they're mine, so I hope no one will have a problem with that.

It is the philosophy here at Alternate Delusions that this is first and foremost a hobby. I certainly don't consider myself any kind of actual artist, and I don't have the technology to make anything outstanding. The comic is drawn in ordinary #2 pencil, scanned, edited with the software that came with my scanner, and finally futher polished in MS Paint, of all things. But it is my pledge that even though it may be made in a minimalistic manner, I will actually make an effort, and bring you something of respectable quality that you will enjoy. Thank you.

And in case it doesn't make much sense, I'd like to note here that the "shoop" effect of the doorways is supposed to be like when Al enters Sam's current reality in Quantum Leap.

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