Alternate Delusions


Tim - The main character and straight man. Keeps a level head dispite some of the weird stuff that happens to him. If you haven't figured it out yet, Tim is pretty much me.

This is what Tim would look like if he were a character from South Park...

Bill - Tim's good friend...his sidekick, if you will. And his sides do get kicked a lot. Not the brightest penny in the fountain. Bill isn't based on anyone in particular, though there are some elements of people I know in him. His inspiration was bascially that I wanted some schmuck to be the fall guy.

This is what Bill would look like if he were a character from South Park...

Sym - an alien symbiote that Tim and Bill found on some distant planet. Has the ability to enhance the features of the host it bonds with, but the host has to put up with its less-than-sunny disposition.

DEOS X Machine - "X" for short, "Dimensional Existence Operating System Version 10.0 Machine" for long. An artificial intelligence that Tim created to keep track of things so they can concentrate on more important having fun.

Fuchsia - a newcomer to the group, Fuchsia hails from a parallel universe where humans are closer related to bonobos rather than chimpanzees. She's not promiscuous; she just doesn't know any different.

This is what Fuchsia would look like if she were a character from South Park...

Secondary Characters

Mandy - Tim's (former) girlfriend. Usually a little bewildered by the situations she's put into by the others, but always helpful and supportive. Currently MIA.

Flerpnip - member of the Green Lantern Corps, assigned to an empty sector of space. Not too happy about being stranded there after sparring with Tim.

Jacques Pierre - former Milles Borne World Champion. All around snooty French stereotype.
Some people have found my site searching for Mille Bornes. Click the link for the rules to the game, if you are curious.

Cornelius Unicorn - flamboyant creator of the Milles Bornes Raceway and possesor of the magic "eye".

More coming soon!

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