Alternate Delusions

Alternate Delusions is copyright 2003-2009 Timothy Volpe. All rights reserved. All similarities to any characters, real or fictional, dead or alive, is coincidental (unless intended for parody), except where noted below. If any other people or big companies have a really big problem with my using them, please let me know so we can avoid any nasty legal stuff about some rinky-dink little comic that wastes time (the legal stuff, not my comic). Redistribution of my comic is prohibited except for personal use. Basically all the usual crap that's associated with these disclaimers applies here.

Sym is based on "Venom", and Marvel Comics.

Flerpnip is based on Green Lantern, and DC Comics.

The Chinese talismans were "borrowed" from Jackie Chan Adventures, Adelaide Productions, Inc.

The Borg are property of Star Trek, Paramount Pictures.

M.U.L.E. and all related characters are Ozark Software (1983).

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