Alternate Delusions

Funny Name

So I'm doing some research on the Internet...namely trying to come up with some female names for characters I'm developing. An easy little thing, and coincidentally there's a "What to Name your Baby" link thingy on the Welcome screen of AOL. It shoots me off to AOL's On this page is a "Create A Baby Name". I'm thinking this with provide some random names, but what it actually does is really "create" a name with almost random letters - of course, providing the proper phonetics to create at least a pronounceable name. I think this is the result of my second attempt, but this is what AOL Time Warner suggests I name my baby girl...

That's right...please meet my daughter Evil. Of course, now I have to work extra hard to make enough money so she can go to evil medical school. "Her name is Evil...She's Doctor Evil!"

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