Alternate Delusions

Behind the Scenes

Hi, everyone. Tim here, along with Sym, to show you a little bit behind the scenes here at Alternate Delusions.

Here is the stuff I use to create the comic. From left to right: the notebook in which I write dialogue and future storyline ideas, the plastic folder I keep most of my extra paper and sketches, and a wipe-board calendar I use as a flat surface to draw on. See also the regular clicky-pencils I draw with, and the template I created to draw the comics on.

My computer. My link to the outside world. Also where I edit comics, and play games, and all that other fun computer stuff.

My closet, where I keep the interdimensional portal.

This is where the magic happens.

Well, that's all. Sorry, there would've been more, but Tim is a horrible photographer and is too cheap to get a decent camera. So long, suckers!

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