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Turkey Sandwich

All right, so I get bored during my lunch break. As such, I end up reading the ingredients lists of the snacks I buy. Well, this isn't one I bought, per happened to be some among some leftover food from the cafeteria brought over. Nothing wrong with it, just extra, I suppose. And hey, free food is better than not-free food. So, I'm reading the list of this sandwich, which looks like this:

No big deal, right? But take a closer look:

Aside from containing "vegaetable starch", the turkey in this sandwich "may contain oven roasted turkey." Now, it's understandable that you'd want to highlight certain ingredients in case of food allergies, but to me, this just sounds weird.

"Please be aware that this vending-machine product may contain something delicious."


Speaking of food allergies, here's another little quirk I discovered while helping finish off Halloween candy.

Snickers with Almonds may contain peanuts. Doesn't that just make a little switch click in the back of your head? To be fair, I also looked at some of Snickers' family...

Milky Way, may contain peanuts. 3 Musketeers, may contain peanuts. (Trust me, it says that...the wrapper didn't scan very well.) But the funny thing here is, regular Snickers doesn't mention that it may contain peanuts. I love finding little ironic things like this in life.

Also note Dexter's Silly Science Fact: "In one day, your heart beats over 100,000 times." Is that before or after eating all the Snickers?

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